About running and life

A drop of happiness

The website Motionzonen and Everyday Adventures started as a simple diary and photo album for me and Lotta where we collected our everyday adventures and the drops of happiness we experienced along the way. As others showed interest in our everyday adventures, it became more like a photo blog. I also had a place to describe and collect impressions from different races I participated in under the tab Race Reports. When we almost reached our 100th everyday adventure in November 2017, I decided to continue writing in a blog about life and running.

The idea behind the blog is to write about things that interest me and that feel developmentally challenging to put into words. Themes like lifestyle and values, training and stress, happiness and well-being, habits and behavioral changes, motivation and drives, performance and recovery, health and vitality, and of course running, which is the activity closest to my heart.

A lot of this is also things that I work with on a daily basis in my work as a psychologist and that I struggle with in my own life.

Blogging has become an important way for me to gather my thoughts on various topics and share them in a hopefully understandable and inspiring way. Furthermore, it aligns with my values and what I once decided when studying psychology, to contribute practical and accessible psychology.