Open water swimming

About swimming in the sea, lakes and rivers, about swim challenges, about winter swimming and cold swims. Here you can read more about the thoughts behind "Open water swimming".
Lotta swimming at Stålnäs fishing village

Winter Swimming

Sandarne, February 14, 2023

About 7 years ago, Lotta and I began to increasingly winter swim at the edge of the ice in the outer archipelago and a few weeks later in an ice hole in the inner archipelago, partly inspired by the fact that we had started cold-water swimming in the sea with wetsuits as part of our everyday adventures.   Read more

Swimstreak, values and goals

Sandarne, Sweden, July 17th, 2022

A week ago, my wife Lotta and I swam 1000 meters in open water for the 30th consecutive day. From time to time, we set a goal around an activity that we can focus on for a period, as a joint project. The first time was in 2016 when we did 50 simple everyday adventures for a year.  Read more

New experiences with simple goals

Sandarne, Sweden, July 2, 2020

A few years ago, Lotta and I did 100 everyday adventures. It was a joint project where we came up with 100 different trips and activities, about once a week for two years. We started with 50 adventures in one year and after the first year we were completely in agreement that the activities added so much value to our lives that we wanted to continue for another year.  Read more