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Welcome to Motionzonen and our Everyday Adventures

On this page, you can find my blog about running and life, my race reports, and our adventure diary, where we have documented 100 everyday adventures for inspiration.

My name is Mikael Malmberg, and I am from Sweden, where I live at the east coast about 150 miles north of Stockholm. I am a runner, nature enthusiast, father, husband, and clinical psychologist. In my blog, I aim to blend my interests in running, nature, performance, healthy aging, and meaningful living. You can find me on Instagram at @motionzonen. I will gradually fill the English version of my site with translations of my Swedish blogposts.

Sunrise over Calella. Butterflies in the stomach about 1 hour before the start of the Ironman Barcelona.

About Motionzonen

A bunch of happy swimrunners after a swimrun session in the archipelago of Söderhamn

Forests and lakes, mountains and sea - all are available to us, but are still so easy to lose touch with in a stressful and demanding daily life. We want a daily life a little closer to adventure, with both small and big challenges. Memories for life are around the corner, drops of happiness can be captured in everyday life. Nature offers unlimited opportunities to recharge energy and experiences.

Here I also continuously add some race reports and pictures from larger challenges or fun races I've run. My hope is that I can encourage some of you readers to take the step to try a race you've dreamed of or that you find exciting.

About me

My name is Mikael Malmberg. I’m a runner and an avid explorer of simple adventures in nature. I´m also a father, a husband and a clinical psychologist. In my blog I have the ambition to combine my interest for running, nature and sustainable health and performance. I will graduallay fill the english version of my site with translations of my swedish blogposts. You can find my Instagram at the handle @motionzonen.