50 Everyday Adventures

About our first 50 Everyday Adventures

In December 2015, my wife Lotta and I decided to make 50 simple adventures over the course of a year. According to the Swedish Academy dictionary, the definition of adventure is an unusual, exciting and dangerous experience, especially of (long) journeys in remote areas, with elements of discovery and hardships. However, we decided to have our own definition with everyday adventures. Experiences that would be short and easy for most people to do, a little challenging or feel a little new for us or someone we bring along. To count as an everyday adventure, both of us had to be there, because we wanted to focus on shared experiences. The inspiration came from various sources, including Micael Dahlén's book Chaosology and Louise Östberg's 365 adventures that she talks about in the Husky podcast.

We started with a swimrun event on Saint Lucy's Day in 2015 and ended with a new Saint Lucy's Day swimrun in 2016. Here, under 50 everyday adventures, we have included some pictures with short and sometimes long descriptions from our everyday adventures during 2016. The page has gradually been updated with the activities we have carried out. All of these small adventures have really contributed to making us even more aware of taking advantage of the opportunities that exist around us to bring more joy and experiences to everyday life, and it has made 2016 an extra memorable year for us. The adventure of living, we hope, continues with new exciting challenges.